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Meticulously Engineered Centrifugal Pumps are Versatile

When gentle sanitary liquid product handling is a necessity, look to Ampco Pumps for reliable, durable and efficient centrifugal pumps.

From food and beverage applications to dairy or pharmaceutical processing, Ampco is dedicated to manufacturing highly engineered sanitary centrifugal pumps to ensure processing is a smooth, seamless operation.

Downtime costs money. That’s why Ampco stays committed to producing the highest quality, innovative centrifugal pumps for sanitary applications – and keeping a well-stocked inventory of them.

Ampco prides itself on offering premium products, delivered quickly… without a premium price.

With in-house state-of-the-art machining and finishing facilities, Ampco’s streamlined manufacturing and assembly process achieves industry leading parts availability and lead times – some products are able to ship the same day!

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Ampco Centrifugal Pump Series Differentiators

AC Series: The AC Series is robust in offering and is the staple of the centrifugal product line. Add an innovative shaft design and you’ll get the AC+ Series Pumps. With the AC/AC+ Series, you’ll get our best-selling centrifugal pump. They deliver on ease-of-maintenance, reliability, enhanced longevity and performance.

L Series: Ampco’s L Series features high efficiency, high pressure pumps including a metric line. All offer distinct and meticulously crafted seal configurations to meet the most stringent application and performance requirements. The comprehensive L Series is designed for ease of maintenance and provides options for gentle product handling up to 1200 cps.

M Series: The M Series showcases a superior hydraulic design and is ideal for hot oil applications. Both the M Series and L Series pumps are a good fit for high efficiency, heavy duty centrifugal pump applications when high-efficiency performance is a must.

SP Series: The SP Series of self-priming pumps is well suited for clean-in-place (CIP) applications. To maintain performance and flow, the SP Series is specifically designed with a unique wagon wheel impeller configuration. The SP is successful in attaining high suction levels even when processing products with entrained air.

D Series: Ampco’s D Series centrifugal pumps meet industry’s need for cleaning and sanitizing solution pumps. It’s the industry standard for CIP supply.  The D Series offers an innovative double volute design option to reduce air binding.


Food and Beverage – Fruit juices, fruit concentrate, mash, high fructose corn syrup, liquor, wine, beer, wort, yeast, bottled water, carbonated beverages, marinade solutions, red water chillers

Oils – Salad, frying, cooking

Dairy – Cream, ice cream, buttermilk, milk, whey

Beauty and Personal Care – Soaps, lotions, aerosols, cosmetics, shampoo, mouthwash

Confectionary – Candy, corn syrup, chocolate, sugar solutions

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech – Water for injection, injectables, intravenous fluids

PUMP model                                                   front loading seal                            

                    high pressure                                                  

                hot product handling                                 










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