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Technology - design, production, installation, start up and service

We are team of specialists with years experiences from different industrial areas. We are using actuall software versions for avoiding mistakes with compactibility. We try to bring to customers complex solution, if possible, from our design continue our production and start-up with training operators and maintanance people.

Automotive - our strong segment where we have a lot of applications around the world, mainly for applying water FLUX and paint FLUX to aluminium parts in production of aluminium radiators, heat exchangers, evaporators, car battery coolers,.... From the beginning we started to remakes technology from big suppliers to parameters what customer want and not what big supplier produce as "standart". We suck a lot of informations and can offer these to our customers in next projects.

Food industry - here we are strong with supplying complete units include pumps, valves, measurement of any necessary parametres, PLC, HMI. It can be used for dosing, filtration, transport, mixing, blending,.. etc. Another common in food is self cleaning pipe system, which we are able provide as manual or automatic verision. Heat exchangers, agitators, stainless steel tanks,... etc.

Ceramic industry - technology for automatic dosing a transport abrassive fluids. Blending different fluids and maintain key parametres.

Chemical industry - complette units with knowledge of chemical resistance all necessary parts for long time operations. We are able weld PP, PE or PVDF materials.


Why we are best for you:

  • Technology support - issues resolving ASAP
  • Quality service
  • Professional, fast delivery, reliability
  • Active support with start up
  • Support of production and process


  • FESTO: technology and pneumatics schemes
  • SOLIDWORKS: 3D models, analisis,  production documentation, electro-schemes
  • SIEMENS: programming PLC and HMI
  • MITSUBISHI: programming PLC and HMI
  • FANUC: programming robotic applications

Robotic applications"

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single purpose machines"

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precise dosing fluids"

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automatic fluid distribution"

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precise mixing fluids"

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units with pumps and instrumentations"

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units for food industry"

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self cleaning SS pipe system"

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