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XP Series High Capacity Positive Displacement

The XP Series is designed to handle large volumes of product, capable of pumping up to 660 GPM/ 150 m³/hr. The large ports and tremendous capacity make this pump perfect for both sanitary and industrial applications including; whole vegetables, slurries, pet food, ethanol, lubricants, pulp and more.

Contrary to the traditional design of the ZP Series 304 stainless steel gearcase, the robust XP gearcases are powder coated FDA White cast iron. All XP models are machined and assembled by Ampco in Glendale, Wisconsin and offer the best delivery times in the industry.  The standard single mechanical internal seal offers ease of maintenance with single mechanical external and double mechanical seal options available.

Both 380 and 420 models offer solid 17-4ph shafts, stainless inspector ports, stainless steel gasketed cleanout plugs and stainless steel bearing retainers aiding in quality maintenance practices and pump longevity.

XP Series Circumferential Piston Pump Features

  • Cast Iron Gearcase
  • Alloy 88 Non-Galling Rotors
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Retainers
  • 17-4ph Shafts – more than 3 times the yield strength of 316
  • 380- Helical Gears / 420- Spur Gears
  • 4-Way Mounting ( with special brackets )
  • Multiple Threaded Grease Zerks
  • Gasketed Stainless Steel Clean-Out Plugs (320 and 380 models only)
  • Stainless Steel Splash Plate (320 and 380 models only)
  • Bi-directional flow

XP Series Performance Overview

Models:  5
Max Discharge Pressure:  250 PSI / 17 BAR
Max Flow Rate:  660 GPM / 150 m3/hr
Max Viscosity:  1,000,000 cP
Seal Specifications:  3 Seal Options

XP Series Circumferential Piston Pump Advantages

  • ·        Stainless Steel Bearing Retainers
  • ·        Stainless Gasketed Inspection Ports (Models 320 & 380 only)
  • ·        17-4ph Shafts – More than 3 times the yield strength of 316
  • ·        Fully Polished Body and Cover for Superior Cleanability
  • ·        Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • ·        Standard Delivery is 4 Weeks



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