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A Winning Combination: Ampco Pumps and Bornemann Twin Screw Pump Technology

Ampco Pumps is proud to partner with Bornemann on the SLH Series of sanitary twin screw pumps. As the leader in twin screw pump technology, Bornemann designed the first model nearly 100 years ago. Ampco has joined forces with Bornemann to offer this industry-leading hygienic twin screw technology to the U.S. market. The partnership brings a tremendous level of product inventory to North America and provides the support, service and delivery you have come to rely on from Ampco Pumps.

The SLH models are offered in two configurations: SLH-4U standard model and the SLH-4G premium design. Both models are 3A and EHEDG certified for sanitary standards and provide tremendous capabilities. Product handling features include a maximum viscosity of 1 million cP, pressure rated over 360PSI/25bar, flow rates over 1300 GPM/300m³/hr and particle sizes as large as 2.3”/58mm.

Designed for the gentle handling of soft solids and viscous products, the SLH is virtually pulsation-free. Being capable of processing and CIP (clean-in-place) without additional pump requirements makes the SLH a dual duty pump.

SLH Series Pump Standard Features

  • ·        304 Stainless Steel Gearcase
  • ·        316L Stainless Steel Fluid End
  • ·        Handles up to 60% Entrained Air
  • ·        Multiple Screw Sizes Available
  • ·        Multiple Screw Pitch Angles Available
  • ·        Helical Gears
  • ·        Hardened Rotors

SLH Series Performance Overview

Models:  7 Model Sizes & 6 Screw Pitch Options
Max Discharge Pressure:  362 PSI/25 BAR
Max Flow Rate:  1321 GPM/300Mᵌ/ hr
Max Viscosity:  1,000,000 cP
Max speed:  3000 RPM
Max Port Size:   6”/152mm
Max Particle Size: 2.3”/58mm
Max Temp: 392°F/ 200°C

Ampco Pumps has decades of experience working with customers and understands
food processing, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. The wide range of twin screw models offered by Bornemann makes matching applications with the right equipment a cost-effective and precise proposition.

Having the most installed twin screw pumps world-wide equates to UNMATCHED application experience. You can rely on Ampco and Bornemann to provide the best solution for your application every time. 

Premium Customizable SLH-4G SERIES


The SLH-4G premium design offers all the advantages of a hygienic twin-screw pump with a number of customized features and options. This provides the best solution for a wide range of applications.


The SLH-4G design features include:

  • ·        Three-part design (cover, pump casing, intermediate flange)
  • ·        Custom port sizes available
  • ·        Hygienic form ring elastomers
  • ·        Cartridge mechanical seals
  • ·        Multiple connection styles
  • ·        Helical gears
  • ·        Hardened rotors


  • Product-contact materials: 316L/1.4404
  • Product-contact elastomers: HNBR/EPDM/FKM


  • Aseptic application (EHEDG EL type Aseptic certified)
  • Rectangular flanges
  • Heating/cooling jacket on pump casing
  • Wear protection options
  • 32ra surface finish or better for all product contact areas, higher surface finishes available
  • ATEX
  • Vertical pump mounting
  • Rotated discharge port providing side rather than top discharge

Cost-Effective SLH-4U SERIES


Looking for a more affordable option with many of the benefits provided with twin screw pump technology? The SLH-4U was developed as a cost effective alternative to the SLH-4G.

The SLH-4U is a very similar alternative to the SLH-4G with fewer optional features.

The SLH-4U standard features include:

  • Cover and pump casing have been designed as one component
  • Standard port diameters
  • Hygienic elastomer o-rings
  • Single mechanical seal
  • Tri-Clamp connections
  • Double mechanical seal option is available
  • 32ra surface finish or better for all product contact areas




  • Product-contact materials: 316L/1.4404
  • Product-contact elastomers: HNBR/EPDM/FKM
  • Single-acting mechanical seal (component)

SLH SERIES Pump Advantages for Sanitary Positive Displacement

  • ·        Over a Century of Manufacturing and Application Experience
  • ·        Multiple Options Based on Application Requirements
  • ·        Excellence in Engineering and Product Performance
  • ·        Single Pump for Process and CIP Operations
  • ·        Fully CIP-able
  • ·        Ease of Maintenance
  • ·        Substantial Inventory
  • ·        Local Service

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