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High Efficiency, High Performance Mixers and Blenders

Ampco Applied Products offers the DRY-blend, SHEAR-blend, POWDER-max, SBH/SBI Blenders. All are designed for maximum efficiency and product consistency.

Highly engineered to exact customer specifications, Ampco takes pride in its line of commercial mixing and blending products. Ampco mixers and blenders are customizable for use on a wide range of batch sizes and designed for maximum efficiency.

The Applied Products team customizes each blender and mixer to the detailed specifications required by an application. A primary focus is always to provide a tailored product solution that ultimately reduces processing time and a better end-product.


Dry blend"

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PM powder max"

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shear blend"

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Simple blend"

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Mixer and Blender Options

Ampco Applied Products offers the DRY-blend,  SHEAR-blend, POWDER-max, SBH Blenders, and SBI Pump. All are designed for maximum efficiency and product consistency.

The DRY-blend System blends dry ingredients and liquids without lumping, foaming or fisheyes. There are four standard model offerings. Each is customizable and portable allowing it to perform throughout a facility.

The POWDER-max and SHEAR-blend powder inducers are portable solutions for flexible processing systems.

Ampco offers two styles of high performance shear blenders with tapered or straight teeth depending on the application need. Plus, the SBI Series delivers the ability to pump and blend in a single stage.

MODEl                  induce and blend 

pump and blend 

blend only

induce only


low powder/

high flow


low flow/

high powder






DRY blend  

POWDER max  

SHEAR blend          
SHEAR max  


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