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ARO® FDA compliant stainless steel diaphragm pumps deliver safety and quality, as well as industry leading total cost of ownership. 
By combining the rugged reliability of our EXP pump design with the capacity to handle high volume transfer and dispensing applications, 
ARO pumps enable you to produce more for your customers

Teschnical specifications:

  • Maximum flowrate is 1040 litres/minute, pressure 8,3 bar.
  • ARO® sanitary diaphragm pumps deliver safety and quality, as well as industry leading total cost of ownership. And, they combine the rugged reliability of our Expert Series (EXP) pump design with the capacity to handle high volume transfer, enabling you to produce more of what your customers want – Good times, great food and great memories.
  • Optional Single Piece PTFE Diaphragms
  • Minimizes the number of collection points for fluid being pumped
  • Speeds cleaning in place
  • Optional electronic interface capability
  • Electronic interface quickly integrates with existing PC or PLC system, or the ARO® Controller helping to reduce waste and increase productivity.
  • Center Bodies Available in Stainless Steel or Polypropylene
  • Stainless center bodies provide durable/reliable construction compliant with FDA environments.
  • Polypropylene center bodies are lighter and chemically compatible for the most caustic environments.
  • Electropolish stainless-steel 316L construction
  • FDA compliance and high temperature capability
  • FDA compliant materials help ensure product purity and easy clean out. Exclusive 316L ball valve permits higher temperature operation.
  • Compression Clamp Band Design
  • Faster cleaning, service, and maintenance
  • Quick Knock Down (QKD) design facilitates rapid disassembly (and re-assembly) of components for inspection and maintenance—in place or out of place—and right back into service.
  • EXPert Series (EXP) pump design
  • Industry leading total cost of operation, better flow rates and higher reliability
  • As an expansion of the EXP Series of dual diaphragm pumps, ARO now offers plant managers and maintenance engineers a reliable choice for sanitary applications.



model Size connection Wet end max. flow (lts/min) max. pressure (bar) Solids up to (mm) Datasheet           MANUAL



SS 204,4 8,3 3,2 SD





SS 738 8,3 6,4 SD SD20_M



SS 45,4 6,9 2,4 PM PM05_M



SS 197,6 8,3 3,2 PM PM10_M


1 ½“

SS 465,6 8,3 6,4 PM PM15_M



SS 651 8,3 6,4 PM PM20_M


3“ SS 1041 8,3 9,5 PM PM30_M



  • PM05A-CSS-AAA-B02
  • PM05R-CSS-AAA-B02
  • PM05S-CSS-AAA-B02
  • PM05A-CSS-SAA-B02
  • PM05R-CSS-STT-B02
  • PM05S-CSS-STT-B02
  • PM10A-CSS-AAA-A02
  • PM10R-CSS-AAA-A02
  • PM10S-CSS-AAA-A02
  • PM10A-CSS-SAA-A02
  • PM10R-CSS-STT-A02
  • PM10S-CSS-STT-A02


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